Sunday, April 26, 2015

Wedding of His Brother

Seminggu bercuti di kampung.. Kalah yang berkahwin lagaknya..

He was on leave, a week before the event. No fbchat.. He seems busy.. Latest was his picture taken at the roof top.. repairing something. Since he was at his hometown, our message were reduced into 3 messages (maximum).

It was two days before the wedding, he sent me the invitation. naah... (ajak-ajak ayam la tu..). It was weekend, I was with Ayi doing nothing.. Hurm.. since I was invited and no plan that weekend, I asked Ayi's assistance to accompany me.

It was a long hours journey since we entered the first exit tol and caught in a 'tortoise moved' traffic. As I reached there, wow.. it was a really great view. 'saujana mata memandang'. A new experienced for both of us (me and ayi) when we had to sit separately. After completed the meal, I decided to go back without meeting him. I ended my fbchat with "kalau ada jodoh, kita jumpa ye.. I do not plan to meet you unless we bump into each other and I'm going back.. thank you for the foods".

I confidently feel that he will not read his phone during this busy hours. Suddenly, someone standing behind me. He found me. Since this was our first met, I already brought him a souvenirs, a pen (my favourite gift to all people who I admired and adore). but in this case, not admire or adore, it was more to salam perkenalan. A pen written "Helmi, February 23". It was initially assignment given by him, to find our first fbchatting since he found the date we became friend at fb (which an assignment I gave him earlier). huh!

He introduced me to his mother and I could hear some people talking about us. Hahaha... Biasalah orang-orang tua.. mengusiknya tak tinggal... Kawan la.. xkenal pun mamat ni... Ok.. We had spent about half an hour there.. Nice to meet him in person. Good looking juga maybe sebab dia botakkan kepala die.. So lengchai.. hahaa..

Nice to meet you, bro.. I hope this friendship last forever.


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